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Bay Digital Solutions, USB and Hard Drive data recovery

Bay Digital Solutions, USB and Hard Drive data recovery

USB drives, SD memory cards and hard drives are getting larger and cheaper so you trust much more of your data to them. Their size encourages you to hold data on them without backing it up elsewhere. For example, do you keep photos only on your camera’s memory card. Think to yourself what is the value of the information on your device? How long did you work on your final year dissertation stored there? What would the impact be if your files disappeared forever? Disaster is almost guaranteed to strike at some point! Water damage, crushed and bent drive or you just put it in your computer and it shows the one thing you do not want to see!


What can I do to try and recover my data?

The first thing to do is stop using the drive immediately. Do not be tempted to reformat it or write files to it. This will simply lower the chances of recovering the data on the drive.

If there is no physical damage there are a number of freeware recovery tools such as EaseUS Data Recovery Software which can help get your files back. Be careful though and restore the information onto a different device, don’t overwrite the very information you are trying to save!

If you have a physically damaged USB drive you need to take great care since it is very easy to loose your data forever. If the USB connection to the motherboard needs repair you may be tempted to get the soldering iron from your shed and try a DIY fix. Unless you are an expert at electronic repair resist this temptation since a poor repair can overheat the circuit board components and damage them permanently.

Data recovery from a failed drive is not a job for a beginner. Even if you have the right software and the data has not been lost it can be quite tricky to recover it, there is always the chance you could make things worse and destroy any chance of recovering your valuable information.

If you want to ensure that you have the best chance of recovering your irreplaceable data seek professional help.Contact us for a no obligation estimate and advice on how you can minimise the chance of total data loss in the future.